You shouldn’t need extra reasons to buy the December issue of Marie Claire South Africa: skipping our last issue will leave you with serious FOMO.  However, for those not yet convinced, this issue is jam-packed, and no subject is taboo. For the last time with Associated Media Publishing, we present you with iconic, daring, trendsetting content. Here are our top 10 reasons why you should buy this month’s issue:

  1. All about the history

We give you the backstory of the political fashion magazine now known as Marie Claire. We start in 1937 when Jean Provoust first published the magazine – the same year AMP’s CEO Jane Raphaely was born. (Coincidence? We think not.)

  1. Flashback Fashion

Fashion Director Tarryn Oppel shares her favourite fashion editorials over the last few years – a beautiful retrospective of some amazing shots.

  1. Face Rollers

Who doesn’t like a beauty product that you don’t have to replenish monthly? Find out more about why face rollers are the “must buy” beauty product this season.

  1. Gift Guide

Still don’t know what to get for the woman who has it all? Our personality-type gift guide will definitely help you pin-point just the right thing for her.

  1. We celebrate women

The women we have chosen in our Wonder Women of 2018 round-up have taken on ISIS, a US Supreme Court Judge, a religious leader, the IAAF, and even themselves. Whether their battles are internal or against massive institutions, we salute them.

brett kavanaugh hearing


  1. We celebrate person victories

Make sure you grab a tissue when you read Palesa “Deejay” Manaleng’s story. This woman’s story of personal victory after losing her legs will inspire you to find your own inner strength.

  1. We defy convention

We talk to a woman who is currently trying to fall pregnant. Plot twist: She’s still a virgin. She talks about why she’s chosen to go it alone and why giving birth naturally is important to her. No man? No problem.

  1. Boy talk from the other side

We speak to four transgender men who dish the dirt on the “other side”. We’ve always wondered what men discuss when we are not around. These men, who were originally assigned female at birth, help us demystify the “boys club”.

  1. These women are not real

Millions of followers on Instagram, and some of the most influential women of our time; but they’re not even human? Have we gone too far this time? This article is a must-read for those interested in the world of social media.

  1. But these women are

Andean wrestlers dressed in frilly skirts and pumps. (Yes, you read that right.) These are just some of the women we introduce you to across the world in our Filter round-up.

There is so much more that we could tell you about why you should get the December issue. We didn’t even talk about our Cover Star, Kerry Washington. You’re just going to have to buy the issue to find out about what she’s up to now. You can thank us later.