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Red-heads are red hot right now. After years of being bullied and neglected, red-heads are finally having their time to shine. Celebrities such as Christina Hendricks and Jessica Chastain are heating up the red carpet with their red hair. It also seems as if red-heads are taking over television and movies – even Pixar’s blockbuster “Brave” has a red-head as the leading lady.

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Red-head mom and daughter team, Jen and Jessica Shailes recently launched “Everything For Red-heads” a line of beauty products made by and for red-heads. This comes after living in the hair minority.

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“Everything For Red-heads” offers a full range of products which range from colour-depositing shampoos to cosmetics for pale skin (red hair and pale skin tend to go hand-in-hand).

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Chantelle Ova, digital intern

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