Metallics are a daunting finish if on anything other than your jewellery. Whether it be accessories or an item of clothing, we have you covered. Here are five ways to wear the trend this summer.

1. The bold summer suit

Summer suits are one of the main trends you will see this upcoming season. A suit in itself can be daunting, adding a metallic finish doesn’t make it any less so. Dress it down with a white tee and pair it with chunky sneakers. The addition of a cross-body bag makes this look appear more casual.


2. The metallic bum bag

Bum bags are here to stay. The practicality of them makes them an all-rounder in the accessory department. Opt to wear this accessory over the shoulder or around your waist. Pair with the animal print of the season to create a balanced, 80s inspired look.


3. The half-way-there metallic accessory

A cross-body bag in a subdued metallic finish is easily balanced by day-time florals and complementary-coloured accessories. This particular metallic finish would look equally as great with a dress in a single hue.


4. The double metallic ensemble

A silver jacket paired with a dark emerald, glittered dress is the perfect day-to-night ensemble. To transition into a night-time look, ditch your flats for heeled sandals. If double metallics aren’t for you, pair with denims.


5. The high shine ankle boots

Metallic ankle boots have become something of a staple. Although a bold, statement accessory, they are extremely versatile and can be worn with practically anything. Pair yours with a feminine, ankle-length dress. A graphic or floral print will counteract the boldness of the boots and makes for the perfect combination.

silver boots metallic trend


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