And just like that, another city done and dusted on the Spring 2018 Fashion Week calendar!

Although days were jam-packed and so many collections lived up to the highest expectations, we have managed to narrow it down to the top six moments (in no particular order) brought to us by Milano – all of which were a real treat and set the bar…bring it on Paris!

1. Dolce&Gabbana’s Queen of hearts

It was sexy, playful, full of wit and inspired by love! And while our eyes may have been drawn to the clever ways of showing this, through fruit and veg, sushi and canned goods prints (who doesn’t love to eat?), to necklaces and head pieces made of red, city-zipping cars and every bit of details here and there dedicated to the queen of hearts in your deck of cards, we couldn’t help but notice the crazy eye-popping (pun intended) sunglasses!

Milan Fashion week

IMAXTREE / Dolce&Gabbana SS’18

2. Oh Gucci!

The great thing about this particular Gucci show, was the nostalgia. 70’s glam rock met super shoulders of the 80’s that chilled alongside 90’s oversized tracksuits – a mash-up of all of this and more –  from the clever use of ‘forbidden’ colours to hidden details in the layering and prints that represent an era long-gone, to something as charming as cartoon and fairytale characters we all know and loved long ago, displayed on knitwear and sweaters. It’s the feeling of inclusiveness that allows us to fall in love with Gucci every season – the fact that there’s something you feel was made just for you, something you remember, made modern.

Milan Fashion Week

IMAXTREE / Gucci SS’18

3. Versace created an Instagram moment!

The Versace show was an overload of design ideas from pastel seaside inspired prints, to super-bright colour-block turned pop-art, to super sexy leather and killer footwear, to toned down separates (including that T-shirt we now all want), to the Versace we all know, perhaps a dig in the archives for the luxurious golden scarf-like prints. But! Just when we thought we’d seen it all (literally), out came five of the late Gianni Versace’s favorite models: Naomi, Carla, Claudia, Cindy and Helena – a timeless tribute after the recent 20 year mark of his death.

Milan Fashion Week

IMAXTREE / Versace SS’18 (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Carla Bruni, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Helena Christensen

4. Fendi goes tonal

For all those (like us) who are suckers for clever ways of layering, hints of skin and the perfect mix of textures, then the Fendi collection should surely be a stand-out for you too.  Perhaps it was in the way that sheer layered sheer, whichever way stripes stood out, yet remained a soft focus or how ‘cut-out’ flowers formed considered print details. Either way, Mr. Lagefeld sure hit the right note for Spring!

Milan fashion Week

IMAXTREE / Fendi SS’18

5. Moschino’s ground-breaking florals

Now, before you call it a cliché, let’s take our hats off to Jeremy Scott who once again broke the boundaries and took ‘floral’s for spring’ to a whole new level of creativity! No, it’s not in any sense of the word wearable, but allowed for a trip to a fantasy world for a moment. Forget prints, picture upside-down long-stem roses and bunches of blooms as walking bouquets, imagine the body as a singular flower, and even a real life ‘garden’ – call it mad, we call it memorable.

Milan Fashion Week

IMAXTREE / Moschino SS’18

6. Prada gets comical

Miucca Prada is no stranger to being playful with her collections, especially via Prada’s sister Miu Miu, but the difference between the two is that Prada takes it up a notch in the styling department – the perfect juxtaposition between light-hearted and lady-like. This time, Miuccia teamed up with 8 female cartoonists and manga artists to create the backdrop as well as the prints that featured within the collection. It was very clear that the jacket or coat was the hero within the overall 80’s feeling, with various renditions – some tugged at the sleeves, others panelled with studs or jewels, some black, some bright.

Milan Fashion Week

IMAXTREE / Prada SS’18

Milan Fashion Week doesn’t shout from the rooftops like New York or Paris, and it’s over before you know it. Some say that Gucci steals the limelight every season since its ‘makeover’. I beg to differ, well, about the latter (I love Gucci), but if I were to call them out: New York is the cool kid, London continues its new age, non-trend-follower-of trend personality and Paris will always be the city of dreams and aspirations in the world of fashion (agree to disagree perhaps?), so where does that leave Milan, well Milan, you see is all of the above! Till next time, Milano.