At the recent African Fashion International (AFI) fashion week in Cape Town, we had the opportunity to talk to Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe. It’s hard to imagine that Precious hasn’t always been in the fashion industry. But she spent over 20 years working as a doctor, and it was during this time that the desire to help others and bring about tangible change was first sparked within Precious. Today she’s doing just that. She is the executive chairperson of AFI, which has created a unique opportunity for young creatives, women and fashion entrepreneurs to enter the market over the last decade. When we meet, she’s everything we imagined she would be: tall, poised and radiant. She is draped in a floor-length red dress with a string of jewels around her neck.

‘Something incredible is happening in Africa,’ Precious tells us.

‘You can hear it in the conversations people are having. You can see it in our art and fashion. You can hear it in the music. And I’m so happy to see the strong presence of women in all of it. But this has been a long time coming. Nobody can be surprised.’

The same can be said about Africa, she adds.

‘For such a long time we’ve seen something brewing on the continent. Africans realised that they don’t need to be anything but African. And these creatives are paving an incredible future for themselves.’

More than ever, Precious added women are now taking centre stage. ‘I’m so happy to see women rising to the occasion. Take AFI for example, just look at the women showcasing their talent this year.’

Precious is excited for what lays ahead for AFI with its new partner De Beers, and is particularly interested to see how creatives evolve over the next few years. ‘African creativity has become valuable to the world, everyone is watching the continent right now and it’s so exciting to be a part of it.’

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