There is perhaps no greater hairstylist in South Africa than Saadique Ryklief. Most incredibly, the man who has been dubbed as one of the country’s most forward-thinking and innovative creatives, is completely self-taught – he received no professional training. Guided by a love for his work, and a creative instinct, he inspired an entire generation of hairstylists to push creative boundaries and to reimagine the possibilities of hair. For our 2018 Image Makers campaign, Marie Claire honours his immense talent and impressive career.

Saadique’s background

‘Hairdressing found me,’ Saadique tells us. ‘It all started when I was in primary school, and I knew that it was my destiny.’ Since then, Saadique has worked with every major publication in the country, crafting unbelievable looks and trends. He has also worked with a huge range of female celebrities.

Career highlights

Despite the many challenges he had to face, including his father, he paved his way in the industry, which ultimately led to him working with Naomi Campbell, Charlize Theron and Kelly Rowland. Besides beautiful editorials, he has also worked extensively on commercial campaigns, including Dark and Lovely, Coca-Cola and MTN.

Career advice

Saadique tells us it’s all very simple: ‘Familiarity breeds contempt.’ But he is quick to add how important it is to find something you love doing because ‘you’ll never work a day in your life.’ Saadique also never slows down, and despite his success, he continues to envision bigger and bolder dreams. ‘There’s a hair empire in progress,’ he tells us when we asked what the future holds for him.

We celebrate Saadique’s contribution to the industry, for the editorials he has done with Marie Claire and his extensive influence in the hairstyling industry. Grab your copy of the March edition, where we celebrate Saadique and other industry legends in an exquisite editorial.