Originally a shoe intended for sport, sneakers are also popular for casual dressing. Here’s a timeline of sneaker trivia you probably didn’t know, and a roundup of our favourite classics.

Sneakers started out as plimsolls

The earliest form of sneaker dates back to the 18th century when they were developed as a beachwear shoe in the UK in the 1830s. They were known as plimsolls. Towards the late 1800’s, a rubber company produced sneakers called Keds. Keds had a rubber sole and canvas tops, much like the Converse sneakers we all know and love today.

Then came Converse

In the 1920’s, Marquis Converse created Converse All-stars which was marketed as a sports shoe specifically for basketball players.

Vans were for skating, Adidas for Basketball, and Nike for track

In 1966 Vans were produced and known as a skater shoe. In 1969, the Adidas Superstar was originally manufactured as a basketball shoe. In 1972, the Nike Cortez was the first official track shoe. In 1973 Adidas had already produced the Haillet tennis shoe, but after endorsing Stan Smith, an American tennis player, the Haillet became Stan Smiths by Adidas.

From sports to pop culture: the 1980s 

Sneakers gained popularity in everyday wear and became incredibly popular from 1984 onwards, after Michael Jordan became endorsed by Nike.

Sneakers now: it’s all about athleisure

Sneakers have become somewhat of a status symbol. Below are five of our favourite sneakers. We have steered clear of the fads and opted for classics that have returned from decades past. The below five sneakers are the ultimate investment and will probably be reinvented and circulate for decades to come.

The athleisure trend is becoming more popular than anyone could have anticipated. Pair your sneakers with cropped denims and statement socks this winter for the easiest, comfiest and most casual dressing of your life.

The Nike Cortez: 1972

R1 499 Superbalist

Adidas Superstar: 1969

R1 199 Adidas Originals

Old Skool vans: 1977

R800 Studio 88

Converse Chuck Taylor All-stars: 1917

R750 Sportscene

Adidas Stan Smith’s: 1973

R1 199 Zando


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