The bodysuit might seem like a hated 80s trend, but we’ve got an argument courtesy of Kim Kardashian that will change your mind. Kim’s bodysuit is her signature style hack and she’s convinced us to slot it straight back into our closets.

A figure-hugging bodysuit can be paired with pencil skirt or jeans for a look that is not only sleek, but extremely fine-tuned. The bodysuit will accentuate your curves in a manner that’s neat and chic. You’ve also just won those battles against your creeping-out shirt. Take a look at how Kim does it:

Image: Rex Features

Image: Rex Features

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Image: Rex Features

Ready to shop your own bodysuit? Steal Kim’s look with this gorgeous number from Sissy Boy:

R499, Sissy Boy

Bodysuit with metallic neckline R499, Sissy Boy

Featured image: Rex Features

By Alexandra Nagel