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I made it! I survived four full days of Oppikoppi, the music festival that 20 000 people make their way down to. It has always been legendary and while this wasn’t my first time, this time I could see why people can’t help themselves from returning each year.

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Yup, you heard me, four days of non-stop festival. These are the ten things I learned in case you’re curious to go next year.

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1. There is no such thing as too many wet wipes.

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2. Stock up on water.

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3. Be prepared for thorns, dust, sweat and falling on rocks.

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4. Be prepared for the heat.

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5. Be prepared for the cold. The bone-chilling kind.

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6. Be comfortable but don’t underestimate how people will go all out for their Oppi outfits. They dress-up and they mean business.

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7. It’s a good idea to get a tent with someone; (a) for body heat (b) to help you get back to your campsite if your sense of direction is like mine, (It’s a bonus if they can cook/ braai too).

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8. Invest in a pair of wellies or wear your most comfortable shoes.

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9. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it will be easy to ‘just meet up with your friends later’. It’s not. Phones die, you get lost, people pass out.

10. Make use of the Oppikoppi cleverness. I downloaded the app on my phone and used it to check the schedule of music acts, maps and bar locations. It saved my life.