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Summer has arrived in London, just barely in time for the Games to begin. (Just a week ago, it was one degree colder in Johannesburg than it was in London.)

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If you’re London-bound, here’s how to rock the town — with a bit of African style, according to stylemakers here:

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Smart girls are rocking the short, breezy dresses. It’s an easy way to look chic and coordinated, but not have to think too much in the sweltering heat.

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You know how to rock this! London girls are having a pastel moment — take it a step further with some bold colour-blocking. Who says orange doesn’t go with mint green?

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Take a cue from Her Majesty and be sensible. Unless you ARE royalty and only have to make red-carpet runs, those Joburg car-to-red carpet beauties are out. Leave the Loubs at home; London girls are still killing it in sensible, chic flats, eye-catching sneakers and low heels.

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Carry a backpack or crossbody — your back and shoulders will thank you at days end. Not to sound like your mum here, but keep some room in there for an empty water bottle.


No, not you, gorgeous. But resist the urge to tote too much — there are actual rules about this at Olympic venues. While you’re at it, take a HARD look at that hardware-encrusted handbag. Rather go for something that feels near-weightless when empty.


Capetonian Natalie Benegni, 26, says one rule determines her daily outfit: “Depends on the weather.” London weather is notoriously fickle, much like Cape Town. Stay prepared with a light blazer for chilly evenings and a cool brolly — an umbrella, that is. And remember the Tube is insanely hot inside.


Benegni keeps her work outfit simple: “Skinny jeans, Converse and a vest.” London girls on the Tube take that a step further by choosing tank tops with a little embellishment — a ruffle here, some beading there, to draw attention away from the fact that they’re essentially wearing tank tops to work. Hey, if it works, do it.

by Anita Powell

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