Celine Dion is known as a music icon, not a style icon, but she is officially making fashion headlines with her recent not-so-subtle outfits and her extravagant poses while wearing them. Between perfecting the royal wave and wearing jaw-dropping couture, Celine is living her best life and it’s a breath of fresh air that’s seriously inspiring.

Behind every stylish celeb, there is a usually a stylist and in this case it’s Law Roach. Roach might be behind all of the designer magic but Celine is certainly behind the theatrical composition of the outfits. Celine shows off her flair for performing and brings life to some beautiful, fresh-off-the-runway couture in a new video by American Vogue, titled ‘Beyond Dion’.  She romps through Paris as a modern-day Marie Antoinette in Giambattista Valli, a perfectly tailored Dior traveller and a Rodarte flower child.


Now that you’ve caught your breath, have a browse at some of our favourite Celine moments…

The wave: does wearing royal blue mean that you have to give a royal wave? Apparently so.

rexfeatures.com / Celine wearing Off White

The ‘raise the roof for the classic white shirt’ look.

RexFeatures.com / Celine wearing Mario Dice

Because head-to-toe is the only way to do snakeskin.


The ‘just checking on my fans before I go inside’ look.

Rexfeatures.com / Celine wearing Balmain

Rocking ladylike leather like it’s nobody’s business. The pose says, ‘Did you get this from every angle?’

Rexfeatures.com / Celine wearing Dior

Can you tell that she loved the Giambattista Valli show? The whole world is a dance floor, according to Celine. 

www.rexfeatures.com / Celine wearing Giambattista Valli

The ‘I chose this slit with the Met Gala staircase in mind’ look. 

Rexfeatures.com / Celine wearing Atelier Versace

Et voilà!

Rexfeatures.com / Celine wearing Stephane Rolland

But in all seriousness, the fashion world has become rather minimalist. Overly priced street-wear and super basics get mixed in with the odd statement jacket. But Celine has chosen to go all out, every time, and it’s straight-up inspiring.