Thanks to Google, we can learn pretty much anything in a mere second. Which is incredibly useful, especially when looking for the nearest pizza place. However, for the fash-pack, it’s more useful now than ever before. Google released an article which analysed data gathered from across the world about what exactly online shoppers are looking for. Although we used to look to the runways in Paris, New York and London (and most of us purists still do) we can acknowledge that it’s now time to look to online shopping portals and useful Google data for news on the latest trends. And so, we can conclude, with some serious back-up from Google (nogal), that the three main fashion shopping trends for 2016 were: military inspired bomber jackets, off the shoulder tops and easy to wear rompers.

The first of the trends comes as no surprise as bomber jackets were literally everywhere and on everyone, from high-end Gucci numbers to street Yeezy pieces and on just about every blogger’s must-have lists. Traditionally a male-dominated piece, bomber jackets now come in all forms. Either masculine with oversized zips and in military colours, or feminine and softer, with pastel colours and in satins and silks, with embroidery.


It should be no surprise that off-the-shoulder tops,  showing a little shoulder and the delicate collarbone area, two parts of the body which almost all women are confident about, is in the top three trends. They fuse comfort and style, with dresses and tops in denim and lace being the most popular.


Possibly coming from the rise in festival fashion and a bohemian approach to dressing, playsuits, matching co-ords and rompers were huge this year. The easy-breezy approach to dressing is not only in line with trends, but also makes for easier-breezier styling, because the whole outfit is almost done with just one piece. We’re all about this approach for lazy days where we still want to look on point!


With all that fascination, there were even more tasty tid-bits released from the data.

Adults are now choosing to dress their little ones in fashionable adult style clothing (such as in these top three trends), and not babygro’s of days gone by. Which is interesting, and definitely means that we have kids growing up way faster.

Along with this, we also (finally) have the blurring of gender binaries, with women and men dressing not in a distinct style, but rather choosing to wear pretty much what they want, without feeling forced to dress in a feminine style if they’re a woman.

Individuality and personalisation are becoming more evident in fashion, and although we have those wanting to follow trends, we’re finally seeing people embrace their style to get creative within the trends.

Functionality in fashion is more important than before, which explains why these three trends and the rise of sneaker culture appeal to the accessible side of fashion. Sure, we still want fashion to be fabulous and over the top. But, we also want to be able to fit the trends into our lifestyle, and not the other way around.

So, basically, everything is just happening a whole lot faster, and if you want in, you better buy some Nike trainers, because it seems like we’re in for a fast-paced fashion race in 2017.

All images from Imaxtree.