Stylish east Londoners shared their style secrets on how to stay cool during the Olympic Games.

1. Photographer Kate Moseley, 25, paired a breezy black dress with clunky black shoes. In her job as a style photographer, she sees certain trends that have pervaded London: “Anything very ’90s, lots of vintage, round sunglasses, coloured hair.”

2. Eliza Pensa, 45, said she chose a safari theme because the colours “are relaxing.”

3. 21-year-old Beatriz Abajo cools off in a micro-mini cutoff skirt and comfortable sneakers — with a hearty dash of punk.

4.  Moa Norrsell, 22, says she’ll wear vintage to keep cool. She says shoppers at the Brick Lane vintage store where she works are going crazy for crop tops and miniskirts. In London, she says, “You can really see that people have thought about putting their outfits together. There’s a lot of individuality.”

5. Student Ciara Callaghan, 22, says she goes for easy outfits: “I think English girls are more likely to roll out of bed and stick a t-shirt on.”

6. Writer Lulu Nunn, 23, says “the thing I’m subscribing to most of all is the minimal look.” She says others are going for it too: “I’ve seen my outfit walking down the street a few times.

7.  Snazzy shopman Paz Dean, 45, says he bought his Madiba-esque shirt secondhand. He says girls who come into his shop, Mags & Pye, are snapping up shorts, crop tops and florals.

By Anita Powell