The holiday season is fast approaching and with it comes the chance to travel! Whether you are planning a weekend getaway over the festive break or a summer holiday in Thailand, we have you covered in the luggage department. Here are our best picks of the luggage you’ll need this holiday season. Get ready to pack your bags!

Five of the best suitcases on the market

1. The matching set

Purchasing a luggage set is a luxury. It’s often cheaper to build your collection piece by piece, mixing and matching as you go along. But, if you’re ready to invest, this set is currently on sale. It comes at a great price, has a three-year warranty and each piece contains a fixed lock – super useful. The wheels are also multi-directional, making this Samsonite set practical and easy to use.

R4 049 available HERE

2. The pop of colour

Stand out in these super lightweight, bright pieces by Travelite. The hard outer casing ensures the protection of items housed inside, and won’t be easily damaged in transit.

R2 199 available HERE

R1 699 available HERE

3. The hybrid duffel bag

If a hard casing is not for you, then opt for a duffel bag with wheels. This one has a separate compartment for shoes, which we love. The soft casing is resistant to dents and gives you more space than the hard cases above.

R1 799 available HERE

4. The classic backpack

Whether you are walking the Camino or exploring the markets in Singapore, a backpack is a necessity. Thule has made safety and accessibility its first priority. The below bag has been designed to house your laptop or tablet safely, and has a crush-proof casing to protect your phone and sunglasses – clever.



POR available HERE

5. The perfect tote

This tote is the carry-on of your dreams. It is small enough (36cm x 27cm x 14cm) to fit into the overhead compartment and has multiple mesh compartments inside. The compartments ensure easy access during flights, and will stop items from shifting around. Alternatively, utilise this piece as a toiletry bag – it is especially useful to those of us who travel with lots of toiletries!

R299 available HERE

The travel accessories we’re loving right now

1. The luggage label

It’s not uncommon to have the exact same luggage piece as someone else. The luggage tag below will ensure an easily identifiable bag. In the unfortunate situation of the airline losing your bag, this handy tag containing all of your details, could help to reclaim your property.

R299 available HERE

2. The in-flight comfort pack

The prelude to your memorable trip is often chaotic. Herschel Supply Co. is making sure your flight is an enjoyable one. An inflatable neck pillow makes for easy storage; slippers allow for easy blood flow; the eye mask shelters you from your (inconsiderate) neighbours’ overhead light; and the earplugs will shield you from their snoring.

R599 available HERE

3. Luggage stickers

Luggage stickers are another key to easily identifiable luggage.

R99 available HERE

4. A power bank to keep you connected

We have progressed into a time where our phones are also our cameras. Throw in a couple of apps and videos, and your phone will be flat by noon on the first day of your holiday. Power banks are a necessity. Find one that can give you a 100% charge.

R399 available HERE

5. A beach bag for informal moments

My most forgotten travel item is definitely a beach bag. The below acts as a super use- friendly handbag as well as a beach bag. Opt for a bag that can handle being compressed in a suitcase.

R399 available HERE

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