The 2012 London Olympics is proving to be the Games’ most fashionable yet. Gone are the days of modest sportswear, as top designers the world over will make their mark in the sporting arena: Salvatore Ferragamo for San Marino, Prada for Italy and Hermes for the French equestrian team.

The UK sees Adidas and Stella McCartney collaborate, while Adidas rival Puma partners with its own rock-star-daughter-come-designer, Cedella Marley for team Jamaica.

With no fashion parade drama free, it was Ralph Lauren who came under fire for not manufacturing the US uniforms domestically. Senator Sherrod Brown’s ‘Buy America’ bill, requires the federal government to purchase clothes that are 100% US made, where possible.

On a lighter note, Karl Lagerfeld launched his Olympics inspired line at Selfridges on Tuesday night. The range includes logo tees that read ‘Team Karl’. J’adore!

Nikki Horsten, CT intern