Thanks to Kim Kardashian who appears to be the trend forecaster of the decade, neon green has made a huge comeback. This blindingly bright colour has made waves so big that some celebrities have decided to wear it in their hair.

Neon green is forcing us to ditch our all black and grey outfits to a more spirit lifting form of dressing. And there is no denying  that this trend is definitely not for the faint hearted. However, brands have incorporated neon green on current trends and cuts to make it less outdated. Thus we have compiled a guide on how to incorporate this trend to your already existing wardrobe:

Don’t be afraid to go all out

Fully expressing yourself in what you wear is beautiful because your confidence easily exudes. Wearing head to toe neon is a bit daring but can be balanced out by your silhouette choice. Don’t be afraid to be bold when it comes to dressing up because its the easiest feel good method.

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Or maybe just add a little neon touch

Adding minute accents of a trend to your outfit makes it easier for one to figure out if  a trend will work out for them or not. And, this way, you get to go easy on the money by purchasing an inexpensive neon purse. Apart from a purse, socks, a beanie or a classic ol’ neon watch will do just fine.

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Anything looks good with black

Black is known to be the go to colour for any outfit. And in  regards to approaching this trend, wearing black items with a touch of neon will be perfect for toning down the brightness of the shade. A black blazer paired with a pair of neon joggers and and white sneakers can bring your boring athleisure office look back to life.

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I hope this post left you feeling brave and willing to add a little neon to your life!