People tend to question the purpose of skinny sunglasses but we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not about the shade they provide but the statement they create. Trends this year have been immensely influenced by the ’90s, something we never could have imagined five years ago. Movies and series like Tomb Raider, Sex and the City and, of course, The Matrix have popped up as references in many runway shows. Tiny sunglasses are back, and here are our top four pairs to shop this weekend.

1. The cheeky cat-eye

Want a pair of sunglasses that say a lot about your personality or mood? Then look no further because the cat eye serves sass and quirkiness. These are so versatile that they look good paired with a suit or a summer dress.

4 pairs of tiny sunglasses guaranteed to get you on-trend

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R249 Cotton On


2. Barely there

The barely-there pair is the main reason why people question slim glasses. What are they for? Do they even shield you from the sun? What’s the point of wearing them on the lower third of your nose? We’ll answer with another question: does it even matter when they look this good?

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Unknown eyewear R246 Zando

3. Rectangular

Don’t be intimidated by this unusual shape. Rectangular sunglasses suit people with a longer or a heart-shaped face. The best thing about them is they will make you look like a boss lady stepping straight out of the ’90s.

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R399 Mango


4. Tiny oval sunglasses

Popular with rock stars, oval glasses are a perfect way to add a little edge to your outfit. We love this shape because it’ll never go out of style.

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R149 H&M

The ’90s aesthetic is here to stay. With brands like Versace, Calvin Klein and Margiela taking it back to a time where dressing up was all about bravery and drama, a pair of tiny sunglasses is the perfect place to start.

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