Creative director, photographer, multi-media visual artist and all around cool man about town, Trevor Stuurman is one of our New Guard Image Makers 2018 – the up-and-coming creative set that is shaping the next era of South African fashion.


Trevor Stuurman’s career really began when he won a Style Reporter competition in 2012. ‘It pretty much all started there and just grew,’ says Trevor. ‘ There have been many obstacles to overcome over the years. The creative industry is fundamentally about problem-solving and overcoming obstacles. With that said, I’m happy I don’t have any horror stories.’

When asked about the best part of his job, Trevor says, ‘People don’t always believe what you tell them, but they sure believe what they see. That’s the most powerful thing about film and photography. It allows me to retell and refashion the world’s understanding of what Africa is.’

Career highlights

His biggest career highlight to date was having a platform to speak at Oxford University about his lived experience as an African creative and how he’s using his work as an instrument to reframe the African narrative. ‘My late father had big dreams for me, he always wanted me to study at Oxford but that wasn’t possible. When the opportunity to speak at the Oxford Africa Conference came along, it was a reminder that my father is always beside me, and watching over me. It meant so much.’

Career advice

His advice to those starting out: ‘First, start. Plan later and don’t forget to enjoy the ride.’

Trevor says the best advice he’s ever received was: ‘Anything placed in your path is an experience to learn and grow from – it’s important to trust your journey.’

What’s next?

Next up for Trevor is being a part of the Absolut One Source Live Festival. ‘I am curating this alongside leading African creative revolutionaries. It culminates in an event happening on the 24th of March in Johannesburg.’ The other creatives are  Khuli Chana, Osborne Macharia, Sho Madjozi and Fabrice Monteiro.

When asked what this Marie Claire Image Makers 2018 accolade means to him, Trevor says, ‘It allowed me to stop, think and reflect on my journey as a creative and it reminds me that I’m on the right path’.

See the full Image Makers shoot, produced in association with Aldo, in the March issue of Marie Claire. And if you want to meet the Image Makers, win tickets  to the exclusive awards ceremony here.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s up with Trevor’s iconic hats, here he is talking to group brand director Emilie Gambade: