With this season’s volcanic temperatures, it’s really difficult getting dressed when all you want to do is be in your underwear (or bikini … or naked) all day. But the good news is that underwear has finally gained recognition as a trend – so much so that it’s now acceptable to show it off as you please. While some women are freeing the nipple, others are showing off their trendy sets of lingerie. The trend is heat-proof, elegant and even appropriate for work … at times. Not convinced?

1. The see-through dress

Going out? Show off a simple, yet classic set of lingerie underneath a sheer, long dress with slight dramatic flare. If you’re not feeling adventurous enough, then opt for a blazer-and-belt combo, which will cover just enough to let your lingerie peekaboo a little.

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2. The décolletage

Tuck in a plunging white décolleté to reveal a sliver of your favourite black bra.

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3. Boardroom look with an edge

By adding a sexy bra under a sheer blouse, you can easily add character to a would-be-dull work look.

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4. The sports bra

This is the perfect accessory to counterbalance your usual daywear ensemble. Yes, even if you’re not into athleisure. Pair a sports bra of any colour (the brighter, the better) with a crisp white blazer, blue jeans in a relaxed fit, and plain heels. Easy to pull off and very comfortable too.

5. The bralette

Wearing a bra in the most unconventional way is a great way to make a statement, while following a trend. A bra over your top? Yes, please!

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6. Bright and bold

A bright bra or bikini top is the edgiest approach to underwear street style. Use your bralette as a pop of colour to reveal under an oversized blazer or jacket.

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7. The slip dress

It was often mistaken for a night dress, which is probably why it now makes for the perfect ‘date-night’ outfit, especially with all the warm evenings we’re getting this season. Wear yours with a head-turning pair of heels.

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More than just a trend, underwear as outerwear is a way to embrace our bodies and stunning lingerie, while also breaking traditional norms of how ‘respectable fashion’ is usually perceived.

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