With the growing demand for fashion, we often forget the pressures faced by designers and factories to produce clothing. Moreover we often forget the potential impact of clothing production on both environment and community. At the 2017 Bokeh fashion film festival on the weekend, Noir Tribe‘s video – which celebrates local design collaboration Mdingi Coutts for its conscious and sustainable approach to fashion – won the award for Best Cinematography.

In a video series titled Ethetics, which explores ethical and socially responsible fashion brands from around the world, Noir Tribe shot their second episode featuring Mdingi Coutts, with clothes from their A/W16 collection. This duo, comprising Lukyaho Mdinigi and Nicholas Coutts, has created a beautiful collection with warm, earthy tones and rich, natural fabrics.

Travys Owen


In the video series, Noir Tribe, which consists of creatives Amber Moelter and Luis Barreto Carrillo, set out to work with ethical designers, brands and organisations, which they add, will ‘bring exposure to those that are bringing ethics and aesthetics together.’ They shot the scenes against two beautiful landscapes, namely a desert and a mountain range to complement the overall aesthetic of the collection.