In 2017 we accept that bags come in all shapes and sizes, and we also accept that owing a few which fall on the stranger side is perfectly fine. The latest bag trend takes the form of basket bags and mesh shoppers. Basically anything that looks like it should be used to carry groceries or cart all your beach things on a summer holiday.

We couldn’t tell you why the fashion world is so obsessed with these bags, but being part of the fashion world, we can say that we just are.

It might have something to do with how fashion people like using ordinary objects to make a style statement, and it almost definitely has something to do with that Balenciaga plastic striped bag and then their Ikea cobalt blue copy.

US brand, Cult Gaia, also has their version of the basket bag, and this one is a true masterpiece. There are so many different styles, and we’re very much in love with them all. Although they’re not available here, you can buy them online and we’d say it’s well worth it.

A local brand doing the absolute most when it comes to basket bags is Khokho. These incredible, unique pieces are available at Guillotine and on Matches Fashion, and we’re obsessed.

However, if you’re interested in getting one, let’s say, tomorrow, it’s best to look at this option from H&M to start out. So then next time you’re getting ready for a day out, chuck all your essentials into a woven basket bag, and take on the day!