Is it safe to say that animal print has replaced the floral print frenzy for spring? Well, we think so. This craze is definitely not for the faint of heart, but there are tricks of the trade that can help you approach animal print without looking like a zoo keeper. Here are three simple ways you can introduce this trend into your wardrobe:

1. Snake bite

We start off with snake skin because this pattern or material is the OG of all prints. Snakeskin has been an all-time classic that resurges periodically. Investing in a genuine quality purse, knee high or jacket is a purchase that you will be proud of, because it will never forsake you. Trend forecasters might label it as a trend, but for us, it falls under the classics category.

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2. A leopard never changes its spots

Leopard print adds great character to any simple outfit. It’s a print that looks great paired with an all-black outfit and gold accessories. The tonality of the gold accents bring out the print in such a luxurious way, making it look ‘expensive’.

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3. Zebra stripes

With zebra, you have to be very strategic, because this print makes a bold statement. The simplest way of making zebra prints work for you without feeling uneasy is by accessorising it. Belts, small square bags and textured court heels go a long way.

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