What you wear under your clothing says as much about who you are as your clothes do. True story. Your intimate wear is about so much more than how you look – it’s about how you feel. With Women’secret lingerie you’ll feel pretty, comfortable and sexy. It’s a secret source of confidence. Your lingerie is a personal style statement, even if no one else gets the pleasure of seeing you in it. It’s yours, so own it.

Women’secret lingerie caters to a range of different personalities and style choices. Four different women, chosen by Marie Claire and each with their own fashion flair, flaunted a curation of this inimitable lingerie.

Meet Shakira, Michelle, Aminat and Claudell. We caught up with them to get their perspective on how Women’secret lingerie makes them feel.

“I feel pretty,” Shakira told us. “I used to keep my lingerie for special occasions. Now I wear it on days when I want to feel extra special. Even if no-one else sees my lingerie, I get an instant confidence boost the minute I slip it on. And that’s pretty magical.”

Michelle said: “When it comes to shopping for lingerie, I prioritise comfort. It’s about how it feels against my skin and how it fits my body. I know my level of comfort as a woman is important to Women’secret. It looks good, but it also feels good. What more could I ask for?”

According to Aminat, “Women’secret is sexy. It’s strappy, it’s lacy, it’s silky soft – everything I love about intimate wear. I love that even the most essential pieces have a sensuous edge. Women’secret is distinctly feminine. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I browse through their range. So many must-haves.”

And if you’re looking to refresh your swimwear collection, Women’secret has that too. We asked Claudell to tell us how she felt about her floral bikini.

Claudell: “This bikini is irresistibly cute. There’s something undeniably refreshing about going to the beach or relaxing poolside in swimwear that’s designed to flaunt my figure in all the right ways. Floral is timeless. In this bikini, the transitional weeks into autumn are going to be nothing short of fabulous.”

Whether you’re a glam queen or a social butterfly, there’s something pretty, comfortable and sexy waiting for you in store at Women’secret.

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