Unless you are a member of the Hive, you may not understand the very specific and dizzying trauma of having someone you love reject you, world tour after world tour, telling you that you’re too poor and too far away for her schedule. Our luck has finally changed, and the rumours are confirmed. After more than a decade of the local Beyhive begging Beyoncé to come to South Africa and perform, she finally said yes.


There is, however, a twist. Blue Ivy’s mom doesn’t want our money, she wants our time and our activism – and you know what? That’s exactly what I’m going to give her. It’s brilliant: getting the youth to pay attention to the problems facing the world by dangling their favourite icon(s) as an incentive is where the world is going. Of course, there are naysayers who feel it’s unfair that we have to serve six months of community service just to attend a concert – and to them, I say ‘get ye behind me Satan’. The chances of getting these tickets are slim, but they become significantly slimmer if you don’t do what is required.

I’m determined to do my bit to end global poverty, find sustainable sources of renewable energy, reverse climate change and ensure every girl in every village has an endless supply of sanitary towels if it means the reward will be to breathe the same air as Beyoncé.

Starting from the 21st of August, the public may start earning points to stand a chance to win tickets to the Global Citizens Festival, which Beyonce and Jay-Z will be headlining on 2 December. To earn these points, we need to sign petitions, email world leaders and tweet our support of critical causes in need of the world’s awareness.

If I adjusted to a life without straws for my morning smoothie and bought a re-useable shopping bag, then sending a few emails and tweets really is a walk in the litter-free park. The world’s problems are vast and never-ending but thankfully, doing even the bare minimum makes a difference.

I’m so happy that the Madiba magic works even beyond the grave – we have a philanthropic queen, so if anyone needs this here Bey-Gooder, I’ll be in formation until further notice.