In isolated villages in Ghana, water pumps financed by Giorgio Armani and Green Cross have made drinkable water possible and sent children back to school.

The Armani Acqua For Life campaign is much more than an attempt to supply people living in rural areas of Africa with safe drinking water. It aims to change lives. This year’s campaign hopes to change the lives of people living in Ghana and Bolivia.

Last year, Acqua For Life supplied people living in the eastern and Volta regions of Ghana with 43 million litres of safe drinking water. The campaign hopes to supply water to new communities in the Volta region where 40% of the rural population still does not have access to safe water. Safe drinking water will not only improve the communities’ health, but also help them gain access to education and break free from the poverty cycle. This challenge is now also being expanded to Bolivia.

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Photo by Bruno Fert.

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