Owning your size is great, and being a statuesque woman has its perks. However, here are a few problems that only tall women can relate to:

1. Probably one of the biggest challenges for a tall girl is that she feels she has to wear flats when she’s going out with their boyfriend … unless you are one of the lucky ones and your boyfriend is taller than you by miles, then it’s heels all the way.

2. Another thing regarding boys; you had to wait a long time before they were taller than you in high school.

3. Being judged by your, possibly shorter, friends for wanting to date someone taller than you. Before they go on about how shallow you are; remind them of how they would feel if they couldn’t wear heels.

4. Going on a blind date and not knowing for sure how tall the guy will be. In the worse-case scenario you don’t want him to be as tall as your waist and then down tequilas for the rest of the night to get over the awkwardness of the situation.

5. Clothes being too long, too short or shoes never being in your size!

6. You can’t easily be lifted, carried or helped by smaller people. This sucks when you are intoxicated.

7.  You are always bumping your head on even slightly low objects: chandeliers and doorframes, get out of the way!

8. People always assume that you can run, walk faster than anyone else, and you are always asked if you play a sport.

9. Because of younger days of feeling self-conscious you have bad posture and a slight hunch.

10. The back seat of the car is always too short, and every time there is a bump in the road you almost knock yourself out as your head hits the roof.

Share your tall-girl problems with us!