Ashley Graham Has Shared Her Secret To Daily Body Confidence

by: Marie Claire |

6 November, 2017

ashley graham body confidence

Ashley Graham is the definition of body confidence, gracing the covers of magazines, fronting major campaigns, and of course responsible for the visibility of plus-sized models.But it seems that even she struggles with body confidence.

Luckily she has a fail safe self-love routine to give her a dose of daily confidence and, being Ashley Graham, she’s sharing it with us all.

Her secret? Daily positive affirmations.

‘It changed my life,’ the 30-year-old supermodel explained in an interview with ITV’s Lorraine.

‘I’ve had a lot of people tell me, “you’re not going to make it,” “you’re fat,” “you’re not going to accomplish things because of your size,”’ Graham continued, going on to explain how she has turned it into a positive.

According to Ashley, her confidence comes from her daily pep talk where she uses the positive affirmation: ‘I am bold, I am brilliant, I am beautiful, I can have and do whatever I want.’

Now she’s found the answer, the supermodel is empowering others to do the same, telling young girls ‘you are enough no matter how much cellulite, back fat or belly rolls you have – it doesn’t matter.’

All hail Ashley Graham – we’re off to try it out for ourselves.

Via Marie Claire UK

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