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Today is World Water Day, which we are celebrating along with Giorgio Armani and his Acqua for Life Challenge. For more information on how you can contribute to this great cause, go here: or

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Water and scarcity

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In some places in the world there will be scarcity and issues with resource delivery, in others there will be too much water to contend with and communities affected will have to adapt rapidly.

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Living in a city we open a tap, out comes fresh water and that is all we think of the matter. But all our water is shared as a resource and the hydrological cycle ensures that all water on this planet is in a constant cycle of re-processing and flow. So whatever you do with water affects me and whatever we do affects the whole system.

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What we flush down the toilet and the muck that gets put down the drain has an effect on how well the whole water purification system can work. And it is stressed which means as consumers of water we need to pay a lot more attention to the impact our daily habits have on it and what our municipalities are capable of in continuing to provide safe, clean drinking water.

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This month, we urge you to take stock of your own water consumption. Get some great tips on how to save water here World Water Day.

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Watch this trailer below, for a glimpse of a great documentary, Flow: For Love of Water

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For the full documentary visit IMDB. 

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