On Monday evening, Cape Town teenager Franziska Blöchliger was murdered in Tokai forest. Since then, the tragic story spread like a Cape fire: social media is ablaze with talk, the media is covering the updates and, thankfully, three of the murder suspects are in court today, having been found less than 36 hours later.

But there was another teen murder in the area recently, which hasn’t been given the same attention by the public or the police, her family has said.

Sinoxolo Mafevuka, 19, was found in a public toilet last week Tuesday, near her home in Khayelitsha’s SST Section. Her body was found by a commuter, who described the scene. ‘Her head was in the toilet bowl, with the rest of her body facing the door. Her clothes were found in the cistern. She was half-naked and was seemingly strangled to death,’ according to News24.

While Blöchliger’s suspected killers appear in court, Mafevuka’s family is still looking for any information. The relatives said they’d been given no information on her case for more than a week. According to IOL, Sinoxolo’s sister-in-law, Iminathi Mafevuka, said the police had not taken statements. ‘We have not heard anything since the day she was found.’

Apparently, the family is upset the police ‘focused all their energy’ on the Tokai case, but allegedly ignored Mafevuka’s. No-one has been arrested in relation to her case, according to IOL.

‘We are very sad because Sinoxolo died last week. They only came today [Thursday] because the [deputy police] minister was here. We don’t know how she died even, she didn’t have any scars to show what happened to her. She just died. We maybe think she was strangled,’ they told News24.

Deputy Police Minister Maggie Sotyu visited the area on Thursday to show her concern about the police seemingly only focused on one case – Franziska’s. Khayelitsha cluster commander Major General Johan Brand said they were focused on finding Mafevuka’s killer.

Via Cosmopolitan SA