Dope Saint Jude‘s new music video ‘Grrrl Like’ is the intersectional feminist anthem we’ve been needing. The dreamy visuals, punk lyrics and unreserved bass really go in. She shares some insights about the new track, her journey to it and the hip-hop industry in a behind-the-scenes video, a meaningful interview for Gay Times and on social media.

Dope Saint Jude’s interview with Gay Times was a significant moment for the artist:

She is quoted as saying: ‘I don’t think hip-hop is trying to embrace queer artists, I think queer artists are forcing hip-hop to change.’

While the video is a celebration of queerness, black and brown joy, and feminism, these factors do not define the artist or her art. It’s just as insistently about resilience, about the individual, and about the universality of saying ‘fuck you’. In a behind-the-scenes video, Dope Saint Jude speaks about resilience being something her mother identified and instilled in her:

The ‘Grrrl Like’ track references the Riot Grrrl movement, and in the interview, the artist explains that ‘often black girls want to be punk, but it never seems like there’s room for us’.

The people cast by the rapper in the music video are ‘all involved in amazing projects that are improving our city and our country’.

  • Boni Mnisi
  • Tatenda Wekwatenzi
  • Talia Ramkilawan
  • Nete´ Twins
  • Haneem Christian & Thandi Gula-Ndebele
  • Tashreeqah Benjamin
  • Tyra Naidoo
  • Samantha Perkins
  • Yana Abrahams
  • Saadiq Soeker
  • Thokozile Mbatha
  • Roxanne Botman
  • Sara Lagarien
  • Ziyanda Kenya
  • Palesa Kgasane
“The way I got everyone on board was I invited them all over to my place for drinks and pizza. I explained the intent behind my project and asked if they would be keen to be a part of it. They agreed and we came out with a very cool video. I wanted the video to just celebrate us. I wasn’t trying to make a blatant political statement. But I do believe black joy is necessary and important.”

Dope Saint Jude tells us her favourite line of the track in the behind-the-scenes video:

‘I don’t give a fuck, I’m the shit, and I know.’


‘It embodies everything that I know the womxn around me stand for. All the people around me who are strong, who I celebrate, I know for sure that line resonates with them.’

The team behind the creation of this video we so deeply deserve is a truly incredible one. Directed and produced by Dope Saint Jude, some names not to forget include Nic Van der Westhuizen (Director of Photography and Editor), Jabulile Nadia Newman (Assistant Director), Gemma Swan (Stylist), Jireh Manasseh (Make-up Artist) and Marche Linderoth (Hair Stylist).

This track has been on repeat – on blast as I fortify for the day, in my headphones as I commute, centering me when I get derailed. I couldn’t be more ready for the EP and the accompanying zine to be released!