This year’s Marie Claire Naked campaign is in support of Blow the Whistle. This national anti-rape initiative has developed an app that let’s users inform their loved ones when they are in trouble.

The app, which you can download here, has a private panic button that connects with four selected people in an emergency. With a journey-monitoring function, these people can monitor users’ journey progress and alert authorities if they take longer than anticipated. It also gives the user’s GPS coordinates.

Blow the Whistle has also produced small and unobtrusive whistles to blow to attract attention when help is needed. Buy a whistle for R36 from The Cross Trainer stores (check your nearest here) or from hotels in the Legacy Hotel Group around South Africa.

All proceeds go to the DNA Project which works on the development of crime scene DNA forensics. The DNA Project is aimed at expanding the existing National Forensics DNA Database of South Africa that holds the DNA profiles of convicted criminals. Under the new Criminal Law (Forensic Procedures) Amendment Act 37 of 2013 (the ‘DNA Act’), any person arrested for rape or sexual assault (among other serious offences) will have their DNA profile loaded into the database, which will be searchable in new DNA investigations to establish any matches in identifying a suspect. Through the database, criminals may be able to be linked to crime scenes, which will hopefully lead to more successful convictions.

Want to support Blow the Whistle? Find out more here.