I am the only woman in my team, where discussion is akin to being in a high school boys’ locker room – juvenile and crass. I am viewed as the ball-breaking, whip-cracking feminist with a short fuse for nonsense. Interestingly, while passing a remark not too long ago about yet another sexism-related issue at work, I was called (in jest) a misandrist by one of my male colleagues.

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It is the opposite of misogyny, which is no new term in our vocabulary, and the misandrist label made me wonder if I do, in fact, despise men. But all I could come up with when thinking about it was a list of all that is wrong with the ways women are still being treated – and it made me angry. Angry that my skills in the same job spec as my male counterpart are deemed to be less valuable and I am paid less. Angry that when men need to feel powerful they do so by robbing women of their strength through acts of violence and sexual assault.


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I am angry that whenever women speak out against these issues we are told to sit quietly in a corner and are labelled ‘difficult’, ‘feminists’ (as if it is a negative belief system), and now ‘misandrist’. No, we do not hate men. But we are not to keep quiet any longer while men continue to let us down.