I’ll own up: it’s because of people like me that Idols still has strong viewership. I love good vocal performers. Singing voices offer an opportunity to analyse depth, texture, weight and all the other good stuff that comes with vocal music. Mariechan’s is a voice that sounds like something you spread on a slice of toast. It’s dense and luxurious. That’s why I’ll always be excited to hear she has new music. Here are four reasons why Mariechan deserves the moment she’s currently having.

1. Her new single is lush

Following the release of her reggae-infused ‘Let Me Live My Life’, in 2014, ‘Missed Calls’ is the first single off her upcoming EP titled Cherry Blossom. I’ve given it a few streams and her voice is as lush as ever. It’s a bop made for easy listening littered with catchy gems like ‘you fell in love with my waistline, I played the middle you play baseline, bark up my tree like a canine’.

2. She was the Kelly Rowland of Jamali 

You’ll remember her from her days as one-third of the pop group Jamali, who were the runners-up in Coca-Cola Popstars 2004. I always felt she was both the underdog and the engine of the group. Her voice was responsible for tightening the group’s harmonies and it had the maturity to give the group’s melodies a bit of heft. You could say she was an underdog of necessity; like Kelly Rowland in Destiny’s Child – vital yet underappreciated.

3. She’s tenacious and has survived the local market 

When she collaborated with Shekhinah on the song ‘Different’ last year, I was once again enthused. The South African music industry is infamous for swallowing its best talent; Mariechan proved her longevity. Urban pop R&B is one of those categories that local audiences often don’t know what to do with but artists like Shekhinah have managed to somehow carve their way by creating a sound people relate to and enjoy. She is therefore in good company and has the potential to also find an audience who gets her.

4. It’s time for Mariechan to have her moment

All in all, it’s going to be interesting to watch a more experienced Mariechan come into her own and find her place in the noise. By the sounds of her latest offering, she is gearing up to truly blow us away. As a cult follower, I’m personally rooting for her purely because it’s about time she got her 15 minutes to shine.

Watch ‘Different’ below: