A champagne facial is when champagne is poured over a woman’s head to imitate the common porn scene where a man ejaculates on a woman’s face. It’s also Kirill Bichutsky’s signature party photograph. The photographer, who’s dubbed himself ‘The Slut Whisperer’, makes a living from paid appearances at nightclubs and parties, where he photographs debaucherous activity which he posts onto his website and Instagram feed of the same name.

Kirill’s photographs and Instagram feed consists mainly of champagne-drenched women, topless women, women’s butts, drugs and alcohol, and sexist quips about relationships and sex. The worst part is the deeply misogynistic attitude he proudly shows off in his captions and screengrabs.

I’m just saying… You can’t hide from the truth.

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Kirill believes that he’s giving women the space to be sexually liberated. And since they participate willingly, he doesn’t see anything wrong with what he’s doing. In an interview with Marie Claire US, he says, ‘My brand took off because I let people know that it’s okay to have fun at the party’.

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But at the same time, he brands these women as ‘sluts’ who use their bodies to get what they want. He mocks them if they’re single, and mocks them if they have partners. He also advises his followers to date and sleep with ‘good girls’, so the women he photographs are trapped in a dichotomy they have no control over.

I respect a hard working woman. Kudos for not taking the easy way out and just sitting on dicks for money. A photo posted by KIRILL WAS HERE (@slutwhisperer) on


Still he insists, ‘It’s not hurting anyone. I’m not degrading girls by pouring champagne in their faces.’ It seems like his following of 789 000 people mostly agree.

Kirill has become successful enough to warrant a spot on a reality TV show called 3am, which documents American nightlife and the people that work and thrive off it. The trailer gives us a look at how he goes about his job – drinking numerous shots and prompting drunk women to pose provocatively – and his personal life – accompanying his girlfriend to a pole-dancing class, saying she needs to ‘step up her game’ if she wants to compete with all the other women he meets.

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A point of pride for him is the fact that he has managed to make a success of himself, financially, despite growing up poor and dropping out of college. Regardless of what his critics have to say, Kirill is making a lot of money from his photographs. As long as he has an audience, Kirill and his champagne facials are here to stay. That begs the question, why does he have an audience?