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Meet Milisuthando Bongela (a.k.a. MissMilliB): writer, fashion journalist and designer agent, freelance wheeler and dealer, and our blogger of the month.

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Her blog: Missmillib. blogspot.com It’s all about fashion – local and international – and it’s also just a public diary of MissMilliB’s thoughts (which are mostly about fashion).

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Why a blog?

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‘I was going to New York Fashion Week and wanted to document it. My blog has now become part of my digital and personal identity. I’d like it to become an on-line shop.’

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Blogs you love?

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‘Mrpriceintheloop.com (where do they find their stuff? It’s really nice), Missmoss.co.za and Thestylerookie.com. I love these three blogs because their content and layout always makes my heart skip a few beats. They represent all that is dreamy about fashion. I’ve also just discovered a great blog on
Tumblr called Black Women With Style – it always leaves me inspired. Then of course, for a visit to Neverland, I love the Jak and Jil blog.’

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Top three dream destinations?

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‘San Francisco – I loved shows like Full House and movies like Mrs Doubtfire when I was a kid and both showed beautiful images of the city. Tokyo – I want to experience a culture completely unlike my own. Tahiti and Mali are tied in third place – Gauguin is one of my favourite painters and his images of Tahiti and its inhabitants represent true romance to me. I’d love to go to Mali’s Festival in the Desert, and visit Malick Sidibé’s studio. I’d also love to see the Wodaabe in their traditional dress.’

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What’s on your iPod?

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‘I’m loving the new Janelle Monáe album. I like most genres but anti-folk is my favourite. I love well-written songs by artists such as Regina Spektor and Cee Lo Green.’

Your reading list?

‘I’m currently reading The World According to Garp by John Irving. My favourite authors are Zadie Smith and Toni Morrison. My favourite books are White Teeth, Like Water for Chocolate and The Bluest Eye.’

Top shops?

‘I don’t really buy my clothes at shops. Clothes somehow come to me via designers and vintage vendors. That said, I really like Malva at Main Street Life and the Black Coffee shop at the Bamboo Centre, both in Jo’burg. Forever New is also pretty cool.’

Fashion inspiration?

‘Doreen Southwood, Silver Spoon Clothing and new designers Selfi, Simon Deporres and Take Care.’