Nike is a major sports and lifestyle brand that really knows how to show up for its athletes when it matters most. This week, South Africa’s golden girl Caster Semenya revealed her latest Nike ad. It comes just days after the brand launched NFL player Colin Kaepernick’s campaign, which has taken the world by storm and fire (quite literally). Caster revealed the genius ad on Monday with the caption, ‘Too fast? Too bad. I was born to do this’, a paraphrasing of the self-narrated ad.

Like all the ‘Just do it’ adverts that form part of Nike’s 30th anniversary campaign series, the record-breaking athlete’s ad has been met with admiration and applause. The internet is full of praise for both the brand and its ambassador:

Nike stood up for Serena Williams when the French Open banned her black catsuit – which she wore for medical reasons – on the grounds that it is ‘disrespectful to the game of tennis’.

Then they gave the world what analysts have dubbed ‘a stroke of genius’ by honouring Colin Kaepernick for taking the knee during the national anthem – a polarising political statement that has resulted in the athlete not getting signed by any NFL team since March 2017.

Nike’s ‘Just do it’ campaigns have therefore established a blueprint for what sincere, unpretentious alliance actually looks like, while also reminding the world that the ‘underdogs’ are, in fact, on top, despite the exasperating opinions of naysayers.