Jason Segel and Michelle Williams out and about

The new couple were recently seen fetching Michelle’s daughter, Mathilda, at gymnastics. Segel, now also an A-lister, looked a bit drab; but Michelle’s ever cute, put-together look makes up for it.

What we did for Women’s Month

Marie Claire celebrates this special women’s month by inviting one woman to nominate the woman who makes her proudest to be one, who in turn nominates another, creating a link to capture the essence and power of women…Who makes you proudest to be a woman?

We started the chain of love here:

Video by Joanna Imrie.

Guess who?

This is Hugh Jackman. Can you believe it? This is how he looks on the set of “The Wolverine,” which he’s busy filming at the moment. Hot? Maybe the arms.

We are all cheering for Caster Semenya

It’s finally time for our flag bearer, Caster Semenya to take to the track in Women’s 800m, heat one, lane eight at 11:35am BST (12:35am SA). Time to pocket another GOLD.



Drake releases song featuring Aaliyah

It will soon be the 11th anniversary of singer Aaliyah’s death. Drake just released his new single, Enough Said, featuring Aaliyah. Such a lovely sentiment.

Photos via Just Jared and Huffington Post.