A senior Primedia executive resigned with immediate effect on Tuesday, after coming under investigation for allegations of gross sexual misconduct. A name had not been released until this morning, when Primedia Broadcasting CEO Omar Essack named Mark Jakins in a 702 radio interview.

The investigation followed shortly after 15 people reportedly came forward with allegations of sexual harassment against Jakins. He was placed on ‘special leave’ during the investigation. EWN also reports that Primedia Broadcasting had received ‘three complaints from staff members in the sales team last week regarding the behaviour of the senior executive at a recent staff function.’

At the time when the initial allegations were reported, the company released a statement indicating that they ‘immediately initiated an investigation into the matter, that is being led by an external expert. We are also providing ongoing support to the affected individuals and broader staff.’

They explained why Jakins was placed on special leave:

‘While at an early stage of the investigation, we are very concerned at what has been alleged, and have therefore placed the individual on special leave pending the outcome of the investigation. We cannot prejudge the outcome of the investigation, but we have taken swift action to ensure that it is managed quickly and decisively,’ Primedia explained. The investigation was concluded this Monday.

A tell-all interview with CEO Omar Essack came after social media users demanded accountability from the company, urging that a name be officially released by mainstream media, as withholding a name is implicit ‘protection of sexism and violence’. The hashtag #MarkJakins soon took over Twitter last night along with an image of Jakins flooding timelines:

Essack confirmed this morning that the ‘exec concerned is the former CCO Mark Jakins.’ The CEO also stated that it is ‘categorically untrue’ that he and Jakins are friends, saying he had recruited him following the correct procedure, so ‘in terms of due diligence there was nothing that could have predicted this.’

The Primedia CEO then firmly recommended that people ‘call out the behaviour so it can be stamped out.’ The company has confirmed that they no longer have any relations with Mark Jakins and say they will support any staff member who chooses to press criminal charges against him.

This news happens in the wake of several high-profile firings and resignations in the media and entertainment industries globally, following the escalation of the #TimesUp movement. This is one of the first publicly reported cases of action being taken against prominent leaders in South Africa. Another case was that of the Pretoria Methodist Church steward who was told to step down from leadership earlier this month.