UPDATE [14/12]:

Last night, President Jacob Zuma announced that David van Rooyen would be removed as Finance Minister to be replaced by Pravin Gordhan who held the position from 2009 – 2014.

Van Rooyen was sworn in only four days ago, making him the shortest serving minister in South Africa’s history.

Zuma said in a statement, ‘I have received many representations to reconsider my decision. As a democratic government, we emphasise the importance of listening to the people and to respond to their views. In this regard, I have, after serious consideration and reflection, taken the… decision.’

Gordhan’s reinstatement had an immediate effect on the rand, which recovered by 80c after the announcement. However, South Africans were left confused about the bizarre shuffling which resulted in us having three finance ministers in less than a week.

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10/12: Yesterday afternoon, President Jacob Zuma announced that he was removing Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene from his position, after less than two years in the role.

After the announcement, the value of the rand dropped to an all-time low of over R15 to the dollar – something that is reportedly directly linked to the removal of Nene as Finance Minister.

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The president did not give a reason for Nene’s removal or provide any background on the newly appointed, relatively unknown David van Rooyen, who used to be a finance committee member in parliament.

Financial analysts say that the shuffle in the Cabinet causes uncertainty which in turn causes investors to panic. South Africans reacted on Twitter, pointing out their disappointment.