The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been rejoicing – the decades-long ban on women driving has finally been lifted and women put their driver’s licences to use for the first time shortly after midnight on Sunday 24 June. This historic moment comes just months after it was announced in September last year that Saudi women will soon look forward to legally driving in the Kingdom.

According to The Guardian, these new women drivers taking to the streets of Saudi Arabia (some of whom bought new cars to mark the occasion), were gifted flowers by police officers and their fathers gave their blessing. Fadya Basma, who is one of the first women in the Kingdom to legally drive men around, said, ‘It’s a wonderful day. And it will change things. Saudi will never be the same again.’

The lift on the driving ban is also significant to Saudi racing driver Aseel al-Hamad, who despite being a board member of Saudi Arabia’s motoring foundation, has actually never driven on a track at home. In light of this, she released a statement saying, ‘I had the privilege of driving race cars all over the world, but today will be the first in my beloved country. It’s a very special moment.’

Driving is something that seems so standard, even mandatory, for young women across the world that we barely make a fuss beyond the day we get our licence. But there’s an entire nation where women are experiencing that privilege for the first time now, in 2018. We’re celebrating this victory with our Saudi sisters!