This is the most effective self-defence move out there, and it could save your life.

It is not the responsibility of the vulnerable to end gender-based violence. However, in a society where violence is so prevalent, learning how to protect yourself could quite literally be the difference between life and death. In a survey released by 1st for Women Insurance, 69% of women have been exposed to abuse either directly or indirectly. More often than we think, the abuse happens at the hands of someone we know. We may even need self-defence tools to use against someone we are familiar with, or love.

As we embark on the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, we know that creating awareness is simply not enough. If things are ever going to change in South Africa, we need to address our issues of patriarchy, sexism and toxic masculinity, to name but a few.

What can women do to protect themselves NOW? 

But in the meantime, what can you do if you are ever in a situation that you urgently need to escape from? (And according to recent statistics, one in two women reading this will find themselves in this situation at least once in their lifetime.) First for Women has come up with a plan to help ordinary women defend themselves. ‘It’s crucial for women to learn how to keep themselves safe and unharmed in any life-threatening situation and know where to turn to for help,’ says Casey Rousseau from 1st for Women Insurance.

First for Women Insurance has teamed up with Woman INpowered (WIP) to provide women with a self-defence move that can help them get out of a potentially life-threatening situation. With the move designed by founder and owner Mark Grobbelaar, any woman can immediately immobilise her potential attacker. According to Mark, targeting the throat is the most effective way to stop a potential attacker. ‘There is only one target on the human body that can immobilise any attacker, with very little training. 
There is no muscle in the throat and when you strike the throat, the attacker stops breathing.’

We attended one of the WIP sessions last week, and we can say that the move is easy to learn and very effective – two members of our team succeeded in breaking through a wooden board with one punch.

For a step-by-step guide on how to do the move, please click on the video below. Share this video with a friend or five – you never know whose life it may save. We wish that in 2018 we didn’t have to be preparing women to expect violence and mitigate it, but given the current realities, being ready could literally save lives.

For more information on the idea behind the move, watch this video.