When it comes to television, Shonda Rhimes is responsible for some of the most successful shows of the past decade. But despite previously being a successful sitcom star, Shonda has zero time for Bill Cosby following the sexual-assault trial brought against him, which was recently given a mistrial verdict. And when it comes to Bill’s plans to teach seminars on the subject of avoiding sexual assault, Shonda is most definitely NOT here for it.

As Shonda posted on Twitter, ‘From Shonda’s Town Hall on Avoiding Sexual Assault Charges: 1) Do not sexually assault anyone. 2) Shut up – this attention belongs to survivors.’


The creator of Grey’s Anatomy makes two succinct, yet pertinent, points. First of all, more than 50 women have accused Bill of sexual assault to date. Secondly, the voices of these women need to be heard, particularly as it’s not possible to try most of the cases, as they are outside of the statute of limitations. Shonda’s response is perfect, and sums up exactly why Bill Cosby shouldn’t be organising town-hall meetings.

According to TMZ, Bill’s representatives Andrew Wyatt and Ebonee Benson announced the news on Good Day Alabama, and said, ‘This issue can affect any young person … and they need to know what they’re facing when they’re hanging out and partying, when they’re doing certain things that they shouldn’t be doing.’ While this might sound like an admission of guilt, ‘doing certain things that they shouldn’t be doing,’ Bill’s spokespeople were adamant that the seminars were important.

They said, ‘People need to be educated – a brush against the shoulder, anything at this point can be considered sexual assault. It’s a good thing to be educated about the law.’

Luckily, Shonda will continue to speak her mind on the subject, and like most of us, won’t stand for Bill’s offensive new plans.

Via Marie Claire USA