In our September issue, MC Travel covered the beauty that is Uruguay. To make the most of your trip to this small South American state, you should get to know their customs.

We give you the Uruguay Etiquette guide:

Meet and Greet

  • Greetings are warm and accompanied by a firm handshake
  • Friends usually kiss each other once on the right cheek when they meet up
  •  Greeting or smiling at a stranger may be misunderstood, so people tend to not greet strangers when passing on the street
  • Be ready to make small talk before conducting any business discussions
  • The aim of business dinners is to socialise, so, unless your host initiates the conversation, don’t talk business!
  • It is extremely impolite to use a toothpick in public.

Body Language

  • People stand very close when conversing, both socially and in business. Personal space is not a prority
  • Uruguayans usually touch shoulders and hold arms while they talk to each other.
  • You should never sit on or put your feet up on a ledge, desk or table.
  • A ‘ch-ch’ sound is made when trying to get someone’s attention or to get a bus to stop.

Dress Code

  • Uruguayans tend to dress conservatively and will seldom wear those bright colours that are popular elsewhere in South America.

A plus for women…

  • Doing business in Uruguay is an advantage for us women, because the local men like to be with and enjoy doing business with women.

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