Do videos like this freak you out? If it does, it might be time to change the way you think.

Why are thousands of women around the world not shaving their armpits any more?

The issue came to our attention a while back when photographer Ben Hopper released a series of images showing women looking beautiful – and feminine! – with armpit hair. His ‘Natural Beauty’ series challenges the perception in our society that women should shave their underarms, legs and bikini lines.

‘As I matured as a person and an artist, I realised I liked [armpit hair],’ he revealed. ‘I think it can be a beautiful look.’

These photos prove that women can be sexy with an underarm bush. We are used to exclamations like ‘gross!’ when a woman grows out her armpit hair – but these photos are proving everyone wrong. It makes you think – why do we spend all those hours plucking, waxing and shaving?

Hopperr has said that his shoot was a form of ‘protest’ against patriarchy and the beauty industry.  Here are a few photos from the campaign:


arm pits

armpit campaign


Now women are carrying on the protest trend by posting images of themselves with armpit hair on Instagram. It’s become a trend in China, England and even Madonna did it back in March!

What do you think about this protest against the beauty industry? Are you ready to hang up your razor?


By Natasha Stegeman