Two things I’m looking forward to this week: the opening of the 2011 FNB Joburg Art Fair tomorrow night at the Sandton Convention Centre; and Marie Claire’s initiative to amalgamate art and fashion; First Cut: Paper Scissors Block Print. The instillation will be collaboration between fashion designer Lisa Jaffe of Guillotine, print maker Jillian Ross, of David Krut Print Workshop, Joao Orecchia (musician) and artist Mary Wafer.

Last year Lisa collaborated with architect Eduardo Cachucho and Maja Maljevi (artist) to create Monotype -a once off performance piece at Arts on Main (This was on the SA Fashion Week’s Spring/ Summer 2010 collections schedule), where they painted and printed fabric to construct an endless train of a dress. The project is influenced by a woodcut by Mary Wafer and the production of a limited edition clothing collection by Guillotine. Mary has created four pieces of woodcut that will be hand-printed onto fabrics and later transfered on paper. Joao is responsible for backround sounds which is derived from the applicable working process. This entails everything from scissors cutting fabric, carving of wood blocks, inking of rollers and sewing machines – to grant authentic atmosphere.

Guillotine’s limited edition collection will be available at David Krut Projects Booth (No. 12), presented by Marie Claire.

Performance Times: September 23: 5.30 pm; September 24: 1.30 and 3pm; September 25: 1.30 pm

Mahlatse James, Marie Claire JHB intern