A hashtag is a word or a phrase prefixed with the symbol #. Using hashtags on Instagram helps users tag content of a particular subject with the # symbol to organize and categorize photos.

#Don’t #overuse #hashtags. Make sure to use three to five per photo and only use hashtags that are relevant to your photo. We have compiled a lexicon of Instagram terms to help you categorize your filtered masterpieces correctly and brush up on your Instagrammar:

IG – The Instagram abbreviation (even though Instagram is one word!)

IGers – Instagram users/Instagrammers.

#nofilter – A photograph with no filter.

#foodporn – Images of mouthwatering food.

#selfie – A self-portrait, most often taken at arm’s length with your smartphone.

#tweegram – Sharing your image on other social networks, like Twitter.

#iphoneonly –Initially, Instagram was only available to those with iPhones. iPhone IGers make a point of sharing which phone they are using to capture their images.

#photooftheday – The photo of the day, the best photo in the tag each day is featured in a gallery .

#instagood – Features photographs IGers are proud of.

#instamood – A reflection of one’s mood.

Days of the week hashtags:

#mcm – Man Crush Monday: Your Man candy of the week.

#tt – Transformation Tuesday: IGers post ‘before and after’ images, sometimes related to their health endeavours or makeovers.

#wcw – Woman Crush Wednesday: Woman crush of the week. The equivalent of “Man Crush Monday”, for users who favour the female gender.

#tbt- Throw Back Thursday: A photograph from the past, uploaded on a Thursday. IGers upload old school pictures, sometimes just to show followers how far they have come in the looks department!

#fbf – Flash Back Friday: Similar to Throw Back Thursday, posted on a Friday.

#SelfieSunday: Self-portrait fun on a Sunday.

Kristin Ronné, CT Intern