My favourite time of the month is once again here! I get to page through our latest issue and reminisce about the journey the Marie Claire team went on to bring you a magazine we are very proud of and excited to share with you.  Read below some of the many reasons to get your hands on our latest issue, a little teaser if you will…

1.Jessica Biel is goals

Our beautiful cover star, who we knew and loved as goody-two-shoes Mary Camden in 7th Heaven, talks to us about her new role as murderous mother in the series The Sinner, acting in the industry and entering a dance-off with husband JT.

2.Mascara anyone?

We round up five of the best mascaras in the industry, tried and tested by our trusted beauty team.

3.’I genuinely believed I could fall pregnant from kissing’

Nepalese women receive little to no sex education. Enter The Newlywed Project, brainchild of Marie Stopes Nepal, an initiative that gives brides advice on their wedding day to ease any nerves and trepidation associated to their wedding night.

4.Is wellness the new thing to aspire to?

Lynette Botha tries out the latest wellness products and practices including an array of cold-pressed juices, kombucha drinks and Pukka Ginseng Matcha Green Tea, as well as Billy Bee’s Acupuncture Energy Mat and the Organico Wood Grain Ultrasonic Diffuser to see what the fuss is all about.

5.Don’t do what you love for work…

Say what? Yes, that’s right. Research shows that doing what you love for work is not only likely to make you despise it, but it’s also a rather unattainable goal in most cases (unless maybe you have a massive trust fund attached to your name) and can often lead to even more disappointment in your career.

6.Summer fashion at its most beautiful and glamorous

Our fashion team escaped to picturesque Mozambique for a few days to bring you not only the most incredible-looking pictures taken by the talented Niquita Bento on a pristine private island, but also to showcase summer’s must-have resort-and-beach-wear fashion. Believe me, you will be aching to plan your next beach getaway after this.

7.Rainbow-inspired beauty looks

Gorgeous green, luscious pink and shocking (in all the good ways) orange for your eyes, lips and cheeks, this beauty story will send you to the make-up aisle in a flash. Perfect for the summer season.

8.Ever ‘speed-dated’ with exercising?

Well I have. And after seven years of sitting on my bum, with no exercise to speak of, I dived straight into seven different workouts, one each day for seven days to see what happens.

9.H&M x Erdem: What we are obsessed with right now

Edwain Steenkamp has an exclusive interview with Erdem Moralioglu to chat about the London designer’s most recent (and romantic) collaboration with retail-marvel H&M.

10.The empire of RuPaul

Perhaps entertainment’s most famous and fabulous drag queen, RuPaul was destined to be a star even before he was born. Read why in our life story.