67% of U.S. women are plus-size, yet this majority is not reflected in the images of women seen in film, TV and media. The entertainment industry perpetuates the idea that thin is normal, but in America that is clearly not the case. Refinery 29  has been working to change this for some time, specifically by mainstreaming images of plus size women in all their content.

Now there’s a innovative campaign demanding representation and visibility more explicitly. The 67 Percent is based on the belief that plus-size women’s stories should not be ignored. By making their narratives, issues and images not just visible, but a standard part of all content on their website, the campaign actively works towards equality of all sizes.

With 67% of U.S. women being plus-size, plus-size women are the norm in the U.S. The 67% campaign extends to story angles, advertising, social media, fashion and entertainment. It’s pervasive and this is why it’s both effective and important.  Refinery29‘s promise to stand with the 67% includes the following:

“We were able to nearly double the percentage of images featuring women of the 67% on our platforms — but after hearing from you, we realised that it wasn’t enough… Starting now, on Refinery29 you will not only see the 67%, but hear even more of their stories across fashion, health, entertainment, relationships, and travel.”

The articles put out as part of the campaign call out the unfair norms of the fashion industry, tackle issues of body-shaming, look at representation in film and television, and discuss what it means to bee plus-size in the world of sex, relationships and online dating.

The 67% has become a permanent feature of Refinery29’s platform. We applaud this step, and hope to see plus-size women, narratives and images normalised in more of the media, advertising, fashion and film industries too.