We may have to say goodbye to what drew us to Twitter. The incisive brevity we’ve come to love and expect from the app may soon disappear. The ease and pace of consuming 140 character tweets may be forever lost. The beauty of crystallising a complex thought or concept into a digestible nugget – gone. The elegance of the concise – may soon be taken from us.

Twitter’s product manager announced that they may be increasing the character limit of tweets from 140 characters to 280 characters. The social media platform has started testing the idea with a small group of users:


Here are some of the best reactions to this troubling news.


Nobody asked for this.


Chrissy Teigen is shook.


Actually feeling dizzy and ill.


Lol *cries


There are real problems they need to address.


Users pledging to stick to 140 either way. Integrity lives.






Even when it’s used to promote a good message, it’s an eyesore.


A PLEA: There was magic in 140 characters. Magic happened there. Magic. Don’t take it away. Don’t break something that works. @Twitter, we implore you. Please.