After an avalanche of criticism was posted on their social media pages, Tiger Tiger has decided to cancel their relaunch, originally planned for tonight.

The club came under fire for not properly addressing the racist and sexist incidents that happened in their past and choosing to keep the brand that has now come to represent these incidents. Their event page itself also included descriptions that were sexist and transphobic.

After meeting with some of the people protesting on their page, including Mini Radebe, the club owners announced yesterday that they won’t be launching tonight, and will instead reflect on how they can rebrand to become more inclusive.

24/05: Tiger Tiger, the Cape Town club that has now become synonymous with violence, sexism and racism after a string of incidents over the past two years, announced that it would be relaunching next month.

In November 2014, two incidents of racism by Tiger Tiger patrons made headlines. The first was the assault of Delia Adonis by three students after a night at the club, and the other was a student at the club urinating on a black taxi driver from the club’s balcony. The club was also called out for their sexist ‘win a boob job’ competition.

The Facebook event page announcing the launch party firstly received criticism for the event description which encouraged attendees to come and party just like they did ‘back in the day’, as well as telling girls to ‘dress to impress’.  The page has also received a slew of critical wall posts questioning why the ‘new’ Tiger Tiger has not acknowledged previous incidents associated with the club, and taken steps to change the atmosphere of the venue like changing the name and identity.

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The owners of the club have yet to respond directly to criticism, but have posted their own message on the wall dismissing negative comments. It reads:

‘While there are some people who are critical of Tiger Tiger and will dwell on the negative, there are also many people who support us, look for the best, and are excited about the positive changes ahead. We will always take constructive criticism to heart and we look forward to the opportunity of offering you a great night out!’

The event page is also receiving posts from supporters who say that it is not the club’s responsibility to change to the behaviour of its patrons, and that those who don’t like the event should simply not attend.

One of the people most actively campaigning against the relaunch is Mini Radebe, who also successfully campaigned for a hip hop tent to be introduced at Rocking The Daisies in order for the festival to be more inclusive. If she gains enough support again, the owners of Tiger Tiger might be forced to reconsider their relaunch.